Audio Cassette to CD


Audio Cassettes were once the way to have music on the go.  Now with digital audio media these cassettes are way behind us now.  You can save those memories by making the audio cassette to CD transfer today. The benefits of CDs are:

  • They will last for many, many years to come and the quality will be exactly the same every time you play it as long as you take good care of them.  Your recording will never get any worse!
  • No more fast-forwarding or rewinding!

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Conditions regarding transferring your audio cassette(s) include:

  • Time involved in going from cassette tape to CD depends upon the difficulty of doing so due to age of the tape(s) and how much usable audible footage there is.  Of course the fewer the number of tapes submitted the faster the process.
  • We require that your cassettes tape(s) have family-friendly material recorded on them.
  • Additional fee may apply if extra attention is needed to properly transfer the tape(s) due to their condition, i.e. tape repairs.
  • Same day rush job needed?  Extra fee will apply.

What we’ll do with your tape(s):

  • Use the utmost care in handling them.
  • We don’t send them out anywhere for conversion.  We do it right here in Roanoke.
  • The turn-around time is flexible depending on your needs.
  • Your original cassette tape(s) will be returned when we deliver your CD(s).

How we will burn your audio files to CD:

We transfer each side of an audio cassette tape to its own file. When transferring music that has separate tracks, we do not automatically separate the tracks into their own files.  The whole one side will be a single track.  If you wish for us to separate songs or other recordings into their own tracks additional fee will apply.

  • We capture your audio cassette(s) in WAV format for great results.
  • Cassette tape of 60 minutes or shorter will go on to a single audio CD with two tracks.  First track for side A and another track for side B.
  • A cassette of 90 minutes or 120 minutes will be converted to a set of two audio CD’s.  One CD for side A (one track) and another CD for side B (one track).
  • Digital audio files are exported usually as WAV files, which can fit up to 80 minutes per disc.
  • The audio CD we make from your cassette tape can be played on a regular CD player as well as your computer.


  • $15 per tape
  • Additional copies of each finished audio CD: $3.00 each

NOTE:  We do not transfer copy written music or recordings.