Tape to DVD

Tape to DVD

Get tape to DVD transfer done for the upcoming holidays!

Every time you watch your home videotapes, the quality drops slightly. Sadly, this is the problem with video tapes, not to mention they also degrade over time. VHS tapes usually have a shelf life of about 10-15 years which means eventually your tapes will become memories long gone. You can save those memories by making the tape to DVD transfer today. The benefits of DVD’s are:

  • They will last for many, many years to come and the quality will be exactly the same every time you play it as long as you take good care of them.  Your event footage will never get any worse!
  • You can quickly jump around to your favorite parts whenever you want. No more fast-forwarding or rewinding!
  • No more need for VCRs or old projectors of any kind.
  • They can hold as much as 2 hours of video content on them; best results when you have no more than an hour and a half.

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Conditions regarding transferring your footage include:

  • Time involved in going from tape to DVD depends upon the difficulty of doing so due to age of the tape(s) and how much footage there is. Of course the fewer the number of tapes submitted the faster the process.
  • We require that your tape(s) be family-friendly.
  • Additional fee may apply if extra attention is needed to properly transfer the tape(s) due to their condition.

What we’ll do with your tapes:

  • We don’t just throw your tapes into a machine and that’s it.  We fade up from a black screen at the beginning of your videos and then fade out to a black screen at the end.  This makes the videos look much cleaner.
  • If there is any static between recorded pieces of video we do our best to cut it out and place the good pieces of video against each other. This way you get only good video; nothing wasted!  A machine by itself doesn’t do that.

Tapes we can transfer:VHS-C and Digital 8 tapes

  • VHS video tape
  • VHS-C video tape
  • Mini-DV video tape
  • Digital 8 video tape
  • Hi 8 video tape
  • 8mm video tape
  • We currently cannot transfer PAL encoded tapes.

What you will get:

  • Your tape(s) returned, of course.
  • Each DVD made off your tape(s) will have a simple DVD menu, a simple DVD label on the outside and each put in a plastic case.Plastic DVD case


  • $15.00 per tape up to 2 hours of material recorded on it. This is a straight “as is,” one tape to DVD transfer with no extras on the DVD (i.e. chapter stops, etc.).  Your DVD will include a simple menu with a start button.  We recommend putting no more than an hour and a half on a disc in order to preserve the best quality of your video. Two hours can be put on a single disc, but the quality of the video drops some.
  • $20.00-If multiple videos are desired to be together on one DVD.
  • $5.00 for each additional DVD copy made off your final produced DVD(s).
  • Want to customize your video further?  Want to divide it up into subjects, etc.?  Contact us and we’ll see what we can do for you.
  • If tape(s) are needed to be repaired in order to transfer their material off of them/it, small fee may apply.
  • If there is difficulty transferring your video due to it being badly recorded in the first place then extra fee may apply.
  • We burn videos onto DVD+R writable discs.  Upon request we can put your files onto USB thumb drive or portable storage instead of DVD if you provide the storage media.
  • Please no copy written videos.

Questions we’re sure you have…

Question: If I live far away how will you get my tapes?

Answer:  Since we’re a home business located in Roanoke you can mail them to us.   Once we finish transferring them, we’ll let you know the total cost.  You can then either mail us a check or pay via Paypal.

Question: I’m in a hurry.  Can I get my tapes transferred and returned to me with the DVDs the same day I submit them?

Answer: If it’s no more than one or two tapes we can probably do so depending on our current workload.  If we’re able to make it happen then additional fee will apply.

Question: I’d like to check your business out further.  Are you on Facebook?

Answer: Absolutely!  Here is the link there: www.facebook.com/StarCityCreations/

Question: When will I get everything?

Answer: Depends on how many you give us, the condition of it/them and what all you wish for us to do with it/them (divide the videos into chapter stops, etc). If it’s just a few we can finish them usually within a week.

Contact us first and leave a message so we can get back with you.  We’ll then discuss with you about arranging a time to meet or, if need be, to obtain our  address so you can mail your tapes to us.

Have a different request for your videos? Not sure what your budget looks like? Just ask and we’ll do our best to help you make the tape to DVD transfer.