Wedding and Reception Video Samples

Wedding and Reception Video Samples

Wedding Video Sample

These video samples will give you a good idea of our work.  Review them at your convenience and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.




What will my final DVD look like?

  • Wedding: We edit the beginning and end of your wedding where your guests arrive and leave into montages, but the ceremony itself will be shown in its entirety.
  • Music Video: For the photo-taking session after the wedding we shoot clips and then edit them down to 3-4 minutes of music.
  • Reception: We show the main events in their entirety and capture wishes from your guests. We also show a few of the group dances edited down to one to two minutes each.

Additional services if you’re getting them:

  • Getting Ready:  We capture the groom and bride’s parties each as they prepare for the wedding.  This footage is edited down to music and usually lasts approximately ten minutes.
  • First Look: We use multiple cameras to cover this important moment and show it in its entirety.  Music may be added if the couple enjoy other’s, and possibly their wedding party members’ if they join in, company a little longer during this time.

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Wedding and Reception

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Getting Ready

Music Video

Wedding and Reception Videography Sample